Stage Your Home to Help it Sell Fast


Nate will be able to provide you with individualized advice to help stage your home and get it ready to sell but let’s start with some general tips. Fox News recently gave 21 tips for selling your home fast and we have chosen a few to highlight here.

1. Boost your curb appeal

Most buyers will do a drive by of your home before they decide to take time to schedule a look inside. Wash your windows, have a few nice hanging baskets, keep your yard freshly trimmed, and be sure your house numbers are visible. Don’t forget to keep your porch light on in the evening.

2. Get your house spotless

This is very important so focus on getting everything spotless. Clean your grout, counters, windows and floors. Hiring a local cleaning company to help might be a good idea. 

3. Get rid of the clutter

This might mean utilizing a storage garage or a family member’s garage but it will go a long way with potential buyers. They want clean and clear spaces. It will make space seem larger and less is always more when it comes to staging your home.

4. Do some rearranging with the furniture

Make a conversation area that is inviting in the living room. Symmetrical arrangements look the best in the living and family room areas.

5. Don’t forget about the closets

Remember that potential buyers will want to open every door in the home to see what kind of storage space is available. Be sure your closets are clean, neat and organized. This may also require a little bit of storage space off site but it is well worth it.

6. Define a use for each room

Don’t forget about the room that normally gets all of the “extra” things in your home. Stage it to be a guest room or an office even if you haven’t used it in that way. Borrow some items from friends and make it look like a useful space so your potential buyers see it too.

7. Don’t forget about potential pet odors

Steam clean your rugs and be extra careful to keep up on cleaning while your home is on the market. Get a plug in (soft scented) air freshner to keep things smelling good at all times. Be sure to remove any dog toys out of sight for showings.

Potential buyers want to see how they might live so try to make your home as neutral as possible in order for each potential buyer to see it through their eyes.


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